Extroverted introvert. // 20160320 // 0 XX

Married to an extrovert, I am very much attracted to his luminous conversations and outlook on life. I on the other hand hate people. I am not always the friendliest person. Big groups leave me anxious but his sunny social skills uplift me like his ease with people makes people immediately feel at ease with me.

I never like to be the center of attention, never want to stand out in the crowd. I know it's ironic that I am babbling about being invisible yet willingly publicize my life here but I don't over share, I mean it's not a journal or daily update or anything. 

There is so much socializing an introvert can do. Often I feel exhausted from trying to keep forced idle conversations alive, working up fake enthusiasm with much gusto, making up theories about the moon and etc and then I find myself needing to be alone again. I need to recharge. 

Froze. // 20150605 // 0 XX

I'm at an age where getting news about weddings, newborns, new homes - is what they call the-new-normal. This phase in my life seems all bright and dreamy, it must annoy the heck outta people who are single, having trouble conceiving, and still living with their moms.

I am the kind of person who is able to adjust to many life's cruelties with surprising speed. I myself find it amusing at how quickly things that seem intolerable at first, eventually become things that I learn to live with. As good as I am at drawing a pretty silver lining around otherwise dark moment, there is one particular life's pain that I feel weak and stupid about pondering - death.

I lost a friend, the very day King Shen and I turned two. I've lost a few people in the past, but this one is the first whose death personally affected me. I was beside his death bed, comforting his devastated mother, observing tubes and machines that kept him breathing, then I went outside and all I saw was space.

 I froze.

That was on my timeline two days before said event. He got the date wrong. Al Fatihah.

Domestic Goddess. // 20150122 // 0 XX

First smeared on make up when I was 18, face lost its virginity when I was in college; thanks to mother . Loved how it covered the adolescent zits and made me look older. But now I have to wear it to make me look younger?

Don't really pay much attention to it now that I am a domestic goddess. Wear pajamas to run errands even to visit the in laws (they live in the same neighbourhood anyway). I clean, eat healthy, cook everything with olive oil, arrange spices in pretty jars, sauté onions, count calories and put generous chunks of all sorts of greens in everything!

Of course to counter this homeyness, there is this little fashion project i do that generates income while I cook and clean. Also Saturday nights by the pool with husband's cousins laughing and ridiculing life; loyal Uni-mates who still come to Suzy's for our favorite nasi goreng cili padi just like old times. Coffee and cigs with KL based hometown best friends. Uptown friends who party really hard and celebrate absolutely everything, Thursday movie nights with the mobiedicks. Sunday lunch, theme parties and family trips with the extra jovial in laws. Travel buddies who make getting lost in foreign lands and eating bizarre crap so much fun and of course my sweet, kind, loving, supportive family and eight cats back home I see at least twice a month.

Much socialization but good balance I think. Sometimes I just want to efface myself and watch people tell their stories through their eyes, or at least objectively you know...

Hi? // 20141204 //

Did I just skip the entire year of my (honeymoon) life? Hm.

Wide awake and bored at 3am, reading this blog, thinking how spoiled and so unhappy I was in those days when clearly there is much more unhappiness out there. Apart from the typos and over exaggeration of things, I'm glad I wrote this crappy thing to remind me of how hellish things were and how it has shaped me.

Yes, my marriage has greatly affected my life. Quit my crap media job that had only money going for it anyway, for one thing - I have a lot more free time and quite little to do with it. I have sort of lost touch with some of my (straight) male good friends and one of my female best friend is trapped in a luxurious prison of love - can't call, can't text, can't everything,  another female best friend is dating someone of the same sex, boyfriend to another female best friend called off their wedding not too long ago, brother has a son, a gazillion cousins gave birth to a gazillion nephews and nieces. Three funerals. The rest pretty much stay the same over this past year. And of course my family and circle of friends have expanded tremendously.

Doing everything more quietly at this age. Trying to be one combined very together peace loving tolerant unit. No calamitous upsets in my life right now, just kicking back, letting things slide, travel, travel, travel and........people watching.

I guess I'm back! 
Homecation! // 20130815 //

Favourite part of the house where I spend most of my time at, even now as we speak.

We now live in the jungle on the hill top, King Shen and I, where monkeys and birds live just few steps away from our balcony. Feeling like being held in a coccon of deliciousness of cool waves of air that never ends; all I hear is the wind through the trees, daily annoyances are brushed aside and words cannot describe the peace. When driving up the hill with music turned up, the road ahead is practically empty, I feel like im in a movie, driving my rickety car against the backdrop of the ruins.

Its humbling, that feeling.

This is the 14th house that I have moved into. Yes, fourteen. Funny where my life takes me. Feeling blessed, and loving this post wedding - vacation feeling. Time to start reevaluating things and mull over big decisions now. Blah.

Oh wedding updates coming soon, letting Junee and Joel do the job for now ;p


The Hen Night. // 20130507 // 0 XX

Although I might not necessarily want you to know all the sordid details, here's a glimpse of the storm after the calm. I suppose some might argue that your last night as a single woman actually happened way back, right before you met your now fiance

but why split hairs? 

Maid of honour is the culprit behind everyone wearing a veil that night. Mind you the veils must be hand made. The theme was black with a pinch of gold and silver, but as bride to be, I can pretty much do whatever the heck i want, so i wore...........white instead.

The night started off tame enough with our three course dinner with everyone chatting away. Not everyone knew everyone, some were my best friends from school, some good friends from work, some travel buddies, so I made all my bridesmaids gave speeches, some were very very sweet and some very very honest.

I'd like to think that i have the kind of friends everyone should have; people who like the same party places i do, who are up for adventure at any time, who knows my emergency contact numbers and most importantly, who are okay with leaving a place whenever i say i have to go, even if they are having a really good time. Awww I LOVE MY GIRLS & 'GIRLS' !!!

Second part of the night ensued chaos. Some psy DJ was playing that night. Of course we started off  at our own private spot by the corner, shaking our heads rapidly from side to side, letting the music splash around inside us. Pretty soon after, it was as if we had been given fresh shots of adrenalin, jumping up and down in time to the music. We were kinda cute on the dance floor, wearing full faces of make up, heels, veils, forming a circle with me in the middle doing some shit moves. I probably got a lap dance or two, pretty sure there was some gropping, squeezing, rubbing and thats all im going to tell you...


the engagement. // 20130324 //

Its the month before brother's wedding. For some strange reason, everyone decides to get married this year. My family have gone through three weddings already, since January - a cousin's wedding, another cousin's wedding and another cousin's wedding, and now my brother's, which will be followed by mine very very soon.

Parents recently threw me an engagement ceremony. We were not even aware that our 'merisik' session had somehow became formal. Although I did not have any major worries about being engaged; it was the thought of being the center of attention that scared the heck out of me. Add on the fact that some of my family are judgemental gossip-hounds, who love to nitpick every details of an event apart for sheer entertainment.

I am glad it happened, the engagement. It kinda gave this part of my life a slight nudge. A day with this feeling of celebration in the air, of happy anticipation and everyone sort of looked different, like little sparks seemed to burst off their skin and fill the air

and King, burst with delight.

Something bold, something beautiful & something blue! // 20130204 //

It hit me suddenly, with great force, that this is what my life, our lives, has turn out to be. It was like I was watching the world from a swing when its at its highest point and everything I have left behind seem so small, that it made me feel giddy.

I am not a fashion diva with giddy eyelashes and jewellery, but that day, in my head I was one, dressing the colour of luscious sweetness stuck to me by some kind of electricity. 

Of course at the time, I felt like the sky parted and the sunshine of pure joy shone through into my life and all, I simply considered the episode of  this magical union, a fantasy. 

We're engaged! Cant stop adoring this classic cut royal blue sapphire on my finger ;) 

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stupider? // 20130108 // 0 XX

"Oddly enough, as many times as I’ve heard the word stupidest (and believe me, if I sold my soul to the devil in order to have eternal life, that wouldn’t be long enough for me to count the number of times that I’ve heard it over the past few years), I’m not sure that I’ve ever heard anyone use the word stupider. Maybe that’s because people know how stupid the word stupider sounds and that the correct form is more stupid. Then why don’t they know how stupid stupidest sounds and that the correct form is most stupid?" languageandgrammar.com

Never in my life has the word 'stupider' been so appropriate.
One hundred million bagazillion things to look forward to!



11 more days. // 20121222 // 0 XX

In England now with a lot of free time and very little to do with it hence this post. Was in Amsterdam earlier; I remember as I watched the english skies became dutch, an icy chill traveled down my body while I was hoping for some out of this world adventure and it was out of this world indeed, but for the wrong reasons. 

I guess all that wrong reasons have made me realize who my source of strength and support is, in this world that is unjust and untrusting. Maybe happiness is a finite quantity. Maybe you only get a set of quota in your lifetime, no more, no less. Maybe if you're sad and grouchy all the time, you're just wasting whatever little you have. 

Its funny how someone can invade all aspects of my mind, who wants to go where Im going with me, make reality look a little less real and give me the kind of feeling people write songs about. To put in simplest of terms, he's beautiful. He really is.

11 more days to go.

Chulia Street, Penang Island.


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